Help the Grey Wolf!

Please ask your Congressperson to oppose Senate Bill 2281, Senate Bill 659 and House Bill HR 884, which call for the de-listing of the grey wolf from protected status under the ESA. (10-30-16).

This website features animal and nature photos taken by our members.

Alternatives to Animal Dissection

Letters were sent to approximately twenty Milwaukee area high schools requesting that they consider alternatives to the disssection of animals in their science classes. High school principals were informed of computer simulations, CD-Roms, plastic models and the availability of free lending libraries.

Animal News

Alcohol experiments on monkeys, sheep and other animals are taking place in more than 150 major institutions, including the University of Wisconsin, Madison, according ot he Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). PCRM reports that the animals are often forced to ingest alcohol - because animals do not willingly consume alcohol, and then are subjected to surgical biopsies, brain surgeries, or electric shocks. When the experiments end, the animals are usually killed. New animals take their place. (PCRM Campaign to End Alcohol Experiments on Animals, 2013).

Wisconsin Animal Protection Society



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     Animal News


We are a Wisconsin organization encouraging a humane attitude towards all living creatures through direct action and education. One of our major accomplishments was the transfer of two elephants from the Milwaukee County Zoo to a sanctuary in California. The Wisconsin Animal Protection Society (WISAPS) opposes animal exploitation in any form.

Animal News.

Genetically engineered salmon likely to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It would be the first genetically modified animal cleared for human consumption. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Target have agreed not to sell the fish. AquaBounty Technologies, based in Massachusetts, applied for permission to sell the genetically altered salmon, which grows to market size in half the time as regular salmon. It consists of an Atlantic salmon containing a growth hormone from a Chinook salmon and a gene from the ocean-pout, an eel-like fish. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10-20-2013).


According to abc News, on November 19, 2015,  the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) announced that it has approved the first genetically engineered animal intended for food: AquAdvantage salmon.  The GMO salmon will NOT be labeled as genetically engineered. 


Primate Research


The AAVS reports that the University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee has approved an experiment involving 40 baby macaques who will be removed from their mothers at birth. They will be placed in an incubator with a surrogate stuffed animal, towels, and/or blankets. According to the AAVS, when the monkeys are about one year old, they will be exposed to situations to provoke anxiety and fear. At the end of the experiment, the monkeys will be killed and their brains analyzed. (AAVS, "Activate for Animals," August 2014 issue).

WISAPS circulated a petion that was submitted to the University Chancellor. Other groups have been involved  as well.

News Update.

The chief researcher has

announced that monkeys will no longer be separated at birth. But the research will otherwise continue.

WISAPS has requested the amended protocol.



Great Lakes Wolf Summit

     Two Wisconsin state legislators, senator Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst) and

rep. Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake)  called for a "wolf summit" to discuss what they say are issues posed by wolves in Wisconsin. They want Congress to de-list the gray wolf, once again, from the Endangered Species List. (Wis. Radio Network 5-10-16).

     Tiffany wants state management "similar to the wolf hunt we had for two years...." (WXPR 91.7 FM 5-9-16).                       A federal judge in Wash. D.C., in 2014, struck down the federal government's 2012 decision to remove gray wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, from the federal list of endangered species. The suit was brought by HSUS. The court decision ended Wisconsin's wolf hunting season. 

     The state DNR carnivore specialist, David MacFarland, said that the agency had relied primarily on nonlethal means to control nuisance wolves, including the construction of 19 miles of fencing and the use of electric fences, sound and lights and posting guard animals. "We are doing quite a bit." (Journal-Sentinel 5-9-16).

Update: The "summit" was held September 15, 2016, in Cumberland, Wis, at the Das Lach Haus.   Tiffany and Jarchow,said in a statement: "Our goal remains to have a policy driven discussion about the situation at hand."  (WAOW.COM abc 9 posted 6-28-16).