The Wisconsin Animal Protection Societ, (WISAPS), was incorporated in 1990 as a nonstock Wisconsin Corporation. Our mission is to encourage a humane attitude towards all living creatures and to increase the awareness of the general public to animal life and to the general environment. We work to focus public attention on specific animal abuse and exploitation through direct action and media participation. In the past, members have protested:

  • the use of wild animals in the circus
  • the zoo
  • the Circus Parade
  • school dissection
  • cyote hunting
  • elephant rides
  • the handling of Lota the elephant

With the assistance of the Humane Society of the United States, WISAPS was instrumental in obtaining the transfer of two elephants, Tammie and Annie, from the Milwaukee County Zoo to a wildlife sanctuary in California. In early 2013, we contacted Milwaukee County Board Supervisors and members of the CIty of Oak Creek Common Council to urge them to block a proposal to allow hunting and trapping in land added to Bender Park, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. 

Recently, letters were written to all of Wisconsin's U.S. Congressional delegates to request that they block the "Protect Interstate Commerce Act" amendment from inclusion in the 2013 Farm Bill. If passed, this amendment would infinge upon the rights of Wisconsin citizens to decide farm and animal related matters in their own state. The proposed amendment was intended to pre-empt local laws governing food production and other animal related industries.